Shay's Cleaning and Organizing Service 

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 Please call or email for availability before purchasing a groupon.

Groupon service can include cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms, dusting living room, dusting dining room, dusting family room, dusting & vacuuming bedrooms, removing cobwebs, dusting & polishing decor & furniture, dusting ceiling fans, dusting blinds, vacuuming carpeting and stairs, vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning windows & glass doors. 

Groupon service is not a cleaning of your entire home. If the home is less than 1300 sq feet and the condition of your home is in a fair state we will try and clean everything. If your home is larger than 1300 sq feet you may request 2 people to clean more areas of the home. Also if your home is less than 1300 sq feet you may request 2 people.

Groupons are for regular cleanings only and can not be used for Move in & Move out cleanings. Please do not purchase a groupon for a Move in or Move out cleaning it will not be honored. Please contact me for a Move in & Move out quote.

Please note: We use all of our own cleaning supplies and equipment. We do not take off our shoes or wear cloth booties over our shoes as this can be a falling hazard.